Q - What is Salsa?

A - Salsa is a Latin American dance form. It is a primarily a partner dance.

Q - Is it easy for someone with two left feet to learn to dance Salsa?

A - Yes. It is very easy to learn Salsa. With the right guidance, practice and a little time, anyone and everyone can dance Salsa.

Q - Does a person need to have dance experience to learn Salsa?

A - No. It is absolutely fine if you do not have any dance experience. You can start from the scratch with our structured, beginner friendly Salsa basic course.

Q - What do I wear for class? Do I need dance shoes?

A - Wear anything comfortable, like track pants, tees, shorts, denims etc. And yes, you need a pair of Jazz shoes or ballroom shoes (Men) and Salsa heels (Ladies) for class.

Q - Do I need a partner to join Salsa Classes?

A - No, you do not need a partner to join Salsa classes. However, it's nice to join with one. We balance the ratio between men and women during enrollments.

Q - How long will it take for me to start social dancing?

A - At least 3 months of classes (Classes meet twice a week) It depends from person to person, but majority of students learn to social dance at Salsa nights after completing their basic course.

Q - Is there an age limit to learn or dance Salsa?

A - No, there is no age limit. People as young as 6 and as old as 60 or more, can learn and enjoy this beautiful dance form, Salsa.

- How frequently do Salsa batches start?

 - We start a new beginners Salsa batch every month. 

- Do I need to join a new batch? Can I join a batch after it has started?

 A -  Yes, you need to join a new batch, especially if you have not learnt Salsa before. We keep registration of a batch open for the first 4 classes. Even if you miss the first few classes, we bring you up to pace with the syllabus.

- Do you have make up sessions if I miss a class or two?

A - Yes, we do have one on one makeup classes. We can help you cover up to six classes, anything more than that, we will have to transfer you to the next upcoming batch.

Q - How does dancing Salsa help or benefit?

A - Salsa helps one maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of doing the same old movies or pubs or dinners, you can go out dancing Salsa. It is a great stress buster, an awesome way to socialize and meet like minded people. Salsa keeps you fit physically and emotionally. It also builds confidence, makes you outgoing and makes you feel good about one self. 

Q - What happens after learning Salsa or attending classes? 

A - Salsa can be taken to different levels. Majority of people are active social dancers as it is loads of fun. It is a great stress buster and a good break from the usual activities that you may be into. Social Dancers, meaning, they are regulars to Salsa parties to dance with a lot of other Salsa or Latin dancers in town. A  handful of participants become performers or competitors by training hard for years. A handful take up Salsa professionally and train to become instructors to make a career out of it.