I am the social media manager for Latin Dance India where I help them to popularize their brand online, and increase registrations.
My deliverables include
-- Strategy and implementation of relevant digital media campaigns to build a portfolio for the company and generate leads for their upcoming events
-- Design creatives and write content for the online campaigns
-- Ideate and implement user-engaging concepts to organically boost the brand
-- Design and maintain the company website


D I G I T A L  M E D I A  S T R A T E G I S T
B A S I L  G L O B A L | O C T  2 0 1 7  - MAY 2018

As an online media strategist, I work on brand awareness and lead generation strategies for my clients like Mphasis, Puravankara, Provident, SSNMC, and FSIPL. My responsibilities also include
-- Planning, executing and maintaining digital campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram.
-- Design creatives and build content
-- Providing SEO strategies for my clients


Y A H O O  I N C | J A N  2 0 1 7 - S E P  2 0 1 7

I was a part of the Yahoo! Global Ad Ops organization where my core responsibilities were to develop and optimize the ads, strategize campaigns for advertisers, run Search and Native ads on Yahoo Gemini for all the clients from the North of India. My major clients included Royal Enfield, Flipkart, Paytm, Uber, Trivago, Samsung, Vivo, Patanjali and more. During my tenure, I have showcased my expertise in various situations like
-- Worked on account re-structures for client which boosted their performance to get 5x conversions and 30% increase in CTR which lead them to spend more with us.
-- Pitched and implemented various performance strategies for my Native clients which gave Yahoo a revenue gain of 1.5 Cr in my first quarter.
-- Worked on re-structure and ran campaigns for Flipkart which gave them a ROAS of 6:1.


C R E A T I V E  A N A L Y S T

Y A H O O  I N C | D E C  2 0 1 4  -  D E C  2 0 1 6
SEM Specialist working on Yahoo Gemini & Bing to service travel, retail & QSR clients like Disney, Trivago, Macy’s, Target, Forever21, Good Sams Club, Logo Sportswear, Tiffanys, AMS, Uber, American Airlines and more in the North America region.