Why Are Skydance Shoes The Best?


Skydance shoes were thoroughly prototyped and tested over one year and more by experienced, professional dancers to ensure top quality, fit and performance. Even after launching, the testing/improvement loop continued. All improvements and changes now incorporate customer feedback as well. Not only are they stylish but are light on the feet, strong, flexible and made from top quality leather. They have extra cushioning that will keep you going for hours on the dance floor feeling comfortable. They are shoes made by dancers for dancers. Grab your pair today.



Jazz Shoes: Rs 3000/-

Ballroom Shoes: RS 5000/-

Ladies Heels: Range between Rs 3500 to Rs 4500/-


Contact us on 9448380213 / 9900822718 and pamper yourself with an awesome pair of Skydance shoes ..... You Deserve Them:)

Why are dance shoes so important?

Doing things the right way will yield right results. Latin dancing is learnt, practiced and danced in dance shoes!


Typical formal and lifestyle footwear are not built for dancing. They are often rigid and bulky. They restrict movement and can end up injuring the dancer. They do not hug your feet and provide very little support.

Dance shoes on the other hand are:

  • Very light and flexible, allowing you to point, flex and articulate your feet.

  • The sole is suede that allows you to glide across the floor effortlessly with the right amount of slip and grip.

  • The heels directs your weight diagonally downward towards the balls of your feet, which is where you want to have your weight while dancing.

  • They provide a glove like fit giving you better connection with the floor. This empowers you to change directions, balance better, spin with speed, accuracy, control and support

  • Dance shoes have extra padding to keep you on the floor for hours feeling confident and comfortable.